Counseling and Resource/Special Needs

The goal of the Resource Program is to assist children to reach their full potential. Some children’s needs can be addressed within the classroom, while others require more support. We collaborate with teachers, parents, and administrators to provide individual and small group support for students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade.


We serve students in the following ways:

·      Support teachers in developing special or supplemental materials and teaching strategies

·      Provide one on one, or small group personalized instruction and support

·      Monitor progress of identified students

·      Serve as referral sources for both private and community services

·      Perform limited assessments

·      Support social/emotional growth



Some helpful online resources are:



We can be reached through the school office or by email-

Ms. Kimmerling -


We look forward to working with you!


Counserlor contact info:  

Shauna Bergh -

Nicole Gwire -